What is POS system?

Pos (Point of Sale) System is a system integrate software and hardware to process the transaction between the customer and seller. 
- A retail point of sale system typically includes a cash register (which in recent times comprises a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner) and the majority of retail POS systems also include a debit/credit card reader.

What is point of sale software used for?

POS software is what brick and mortar retailers use to conduct sales. It's sometimes a cash register, computer, or even an iPad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost, and conduct the financial transaction. Most POS software will also communicate with inventory levels to keep everything in balance.

How does point of sale work?

Businesses will have different needs when it comes to point of sale hardware. ... Commonly linked with the POS system's stock level counts so it automatically updates product counts according to items sold. Card machine: Used to process payments made by debit or credit cards or mobile wallets via NFC.

What is the purpose of point of sale system?

The other important objective of effective POS Systems is to help make the record keeping and accounting simpler. A point of sale system is more advanced and it uses the information that it collects to simplify the accounting process. You will be able to get all the data that you need directly from your system.

What are the key features of a point of sale system?

Now that you know what a POS system is, here are 7 key features that you should look while purchasing it:
  • Billing and order processing.
  • Sales monitoring and reporting.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Cross channel returns management.
  • Customer relationship and experience.
  • Employee management.
  • Loyalty programs and gift cards.

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